About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

VARIANT GENETICS-“One stop solution for all Genetic Queries”.

We provide exemplary testing for all clinically relevant genes.

Variant Genetics is a research driven molecular Diagnostics and NGS services lab. We are a team who are passionate about Human Genetics, we specialise in clinical genetic testing and accurate identification of variants implicated in genetic diseases for more productive, individualized, prescient and preventive health care management.

We constantly keep updating our test menu and work towards improving the efficiency of our testing methodologies while keeping up with the latest technologies and ensuring that the quality and commitment towards our service remains unaltered.

Our Mission.

“To advance our knowledge of understanding the Human Genetic Variation”


Our vision is to bring change in society at large by providing reliable genetic testing for improvement of quality of life of patients and families, We are headed towards applying scientific driven knowledge for finding genetic variations implicated in health and life.

Our Values

Variant Genetics: Our Values Echoes Who We are and What We Stand for


We provide outstanding services to our customers.


We maintain highest standards of integrity in all our activities.


We work together as team to meet the needs of our customers.


We believe in developing bonding that make a positive impact in our patients’ life.


We respect and value our customers, understand their needs and improve .


We are dedicated for research towards understanding human genome variations and its implication in our life and health.


We aim for society with improved patient care and support.


We are responsible citizen of society in which we live and work.


"We are a Team with Diverse Strengths and One thing in Common - Passion for Human Genetics"