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Identification of variations in Next Generation Sequencing has become a ubiquitous and essential tool across all areas of biological sciences. Bioinformatics is the central part in interpretation and application of this data in any project. Combination of NGS and bioinformatics is vital for diagnostics, medical treatment and epidemiological research.

Variant Genetics provides complete end to end bioinformatics services. We apply scientific-driven knowledge to analyse each individual project goal and provide scientifically pertinent and clinically significant results.

Application based data analysis for exome, transcriptome, whole genome, transcriptome.


Our experienced bioinformaticians can help you with analysis of exome, panel, clinical exome or whole genome data. All bioinformatic services can be customized depending on your requirements. Your project, specific objectives and specific deliverables and timeline will be estimated during the initial consultation.

Each data analysis service starts with consultation with our experienced team member (Bioinformatics) in order to understand your specific requirements and scope of work. Once you submit your data (BAM or FASTQ files via FTP or hard drive), we analyze your data using state of the art computing. At the conclusion of the project, we review the results with you and help you meeting specific requirements of the project.

Whole exome sequencing involves capturing of coding regions of the genome (Expressed regiONS). Single Nucleotide Variations (SNV) and deletions/insertions are the most important and profuse type of variation found during exome sequencing. Exome sequencing analysis can be divided into several steps:

  1. Base calling and image analysis
  2. Gapped alignment
  3. Sorting, indexing and PCR duplicate removal
  4. SNP calling
  5. Annotation
  6. Visualization of SNP data
Why you should consider Variant Genetics for Bioinformatic analysis?
  • We provide scientific knowledge-driven NGS solutions.
  • Cost effective service.
  • Versatile expertise.
  • Save on infrastructure and manpower.
  • Access to skilled clinical Bioinformaticians.
  • Quicker variant analysis and classification according to ACMG guidelines.
  • Scientifically pertinent and clinically significant results.
Bioinformatic Services @ Variant Genetics:
  • WGS analysis
  • WES analysis
  • Clinical exome analysis
  • Target capture analysis
  • SNP/SV/CNV discovery
  • SNP/Indel calling
  • Multigene analysis
  • Other services (Customized bioinformatics service for specific project needs))

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