Predictive Genetics

Predictive Genetics

Imagine the amount of money you save when you prepare for your possible future medical repercussions and the time you buy that can be spent living your life at your will.We don’t joke around when we discuss health. So believe us when we say that Variant Genetics Private Limited shall give you your health master plan that saves you from all the second opinions and brings you a second-to-none personalized health guide!

A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of Heredity, with coded information about your health. The Gene Test we provide helps you decode the gene and therefore decode your very own personalized guide. This test is non-invasive as well, meaning there is no risk when it comes to your sample collection.This personalized guide gives you insights into your health and provides you the reasons and answers to all the health issues you had, have, or might have the risk of developing in the future. It also helps uncover rare and complex disorders.

We got the solution decoded as well. Our Certified Genetic Counsellors will walk you through your personalized report, gauge the risks you possess and accordingly advise you with personalized food and diet, medicines, lifestyle tips, etc to dodge your future health problems. Try not to raise eyebrows when we tell you that all the above information would be derived in just one test and to add to it, this is a once-in-a-lifetime test, meaning the same results can be used for a lifetime. So put your health concerns to rest and take our gene panel test!

We at Variant Genetics Private Limited have an excellent team of professionals who are dedicated to the field of Human Genetics and firmly believe in the principle of “service before self”. We do not just focus on providing the best of service but we also prioritized making it cost-efficient while keeping up with the latest technologies. We also welcome researchers who are interested and dedicated to the field of Human Genetics to work with us. Prevention is always better than cure. So why wait until you develop a health condition when you can prevent it by visiting us.



Most Cardiac Disorders are inherited and can be avoided if predicted early. The solution is in your gene. Let us help guide you away from all Cardiac Disorders. Arrest the problem before it arrests your heart.


When we say beauty lies within, believe us! Don’t let temporary solutions stop you from glowing forever. Dig deep into your genes with us for discovering the root cause and allow us to get you a personalized report for all your Skin and Hair problems.


Diabetes is everywhere but the solution is in your gene. Avoid Diabetes at any stage of your life by visiting us. Say yes to cravings, while we carve the right treatment for you. Leave the worrying about the Treatment to us and start thinking about the treat!


Stop the effects of Gastroenterology before the effects become unstoppable. Avoid all the pain and discomfort by analyzing your gene, spotting the cause, and creating a solution with us.


The brain is complex and is considered a puzzle and therefore we presume that any neurological disease is complex and tend to ignore them. But that is not the solution, the solution is in your gene and we can decode it for you in a much simpler way.


Kidneys are not the place where stones are meant to be. Why waste money on temporary symptoms when you can avoid them forever by reaching the root cause with us. We will decode the problem and code a solution just for you.


We often blame our genes for inheriting Obesity. Well, we ask, why blame when we can change the game with the same. Let us help you trace the cause and fix a solution that best fits you. Don’t let your size stop you from living your life king size.


We never want to see you walk through the painful path of Arthritis and Orthopedics, if you wish the same, don’t look back. Let us pave a peaceful way for you by analyzing your genes and helping you with the right treatment to avoid all the obstacles.


Infertility is fairly common. Leave the frustration aside and allow us to screen your gene! Our test not only analyzes the underlying causes behind your condition but also helps in understanding the potential risks you can pass on to your future generations and therefore allows you to plan not only for yourself but for your children as well. So why should you give up relying on fate when you can dictate your future!


It is a known fact that several cancers like Breast Cancer go unnoticed due to lack of implementation of screening in individuals especially in India. But we promise you that you shall not be one of them. Take our test today to take control of your future.


Keep Thyroid and PCOD at bay, and seize your day! We know you better and therefore we want the best treatment strategy for you. A lot of the hormonal disorders are affected by lifestyle, diet, genetic factors as well. So our test helps you understand what better strategies you can follow to be the best version of yourself.



Personalized medicine often has seen misconceptions and fear strapped to it. It is important to understand that your genome has biomarkers that can help in analyzing your susceptibility to certain disorders. Apart from this, if a person is found susceptible to a particular condition, their response to a given treatment/ drug therapy might be different. Thus our test not only helps in understanding the potency of a certain drug on a given patient but also contributes to customizing the best possible treatment strategy for them individually.


Another common misconception is the use of your genome in places not authorized by you after you have taken the test. At Variant Genetics our customers' privacy is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, your information is always secured and used as approved by you.