Transcriptome Sequencing

Long Read RNA Sequencing

Long read RNA sequencing is an approach for sequencing individual transcript molecule in full length. This enables researchers to examine the exact splice junction present in transcript. Long read RNA sequencing is a widely used tool for characterization of isoforms on transcriptome wide scale. This method offers both qualitative and quantitative analysis on the gene and isoform level.

  • Improved genome assembly – less ambiguous and error
  • Improved variant detection – clinically relevant large and complex rearrangements, deletions and insertions
  • Haplotype determination – Long read RNA sequencing determines presence of genetic variant in maternal / paternal copy of chromosome
  • Real time sequencing

Single Cell RNA sequencing

Variant Genetics offers state of art technology for preparation and sequencing of single cell RNA, low cell count and low RNA input sequencing.

Single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA seq) is an approach to examine transcriptome of a single cell. scRNA sequencing allows assessment of fundamental biological properties of cell population and biological systems at unparalleled resolution. scRNA seq works by isolating single cells, capturing their transcripts, library preparation and sequencing.

  • Functional examination of an individual cell in its microenvironment
  • Transcriptome heterogeneity
  • Low RNA input sequencing
  • Reconstruction of cellular developmental courses
  • Modeling of transcriptional dynamics